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Gen. Pulaski's Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

This is an American classic pilsner in the style brewed before prohibition destroyed the NewYork hop industry.

Triple Header Imperial IPA

Big and bold 131 IBUs and over 10% ABV. Packed full of CTZ, Rakau and Newport hops, it is robust, malty, and alcoholic with a characteristically intense hop profile in both taste and aroma.

Lake Effect Brown Ale

A Burton style Ale.  A rich, malty, sweet, and bitter dark ale.  Fuller bodied and chewy with a balanced hoppy finish and complex malty and hoppy aroma. Fruity notes accentuate the malt richness, while the hops help balance the sweeter finish

Tug Hill Cream Ale

Cream Ales have satisfied American drinkers for nearly a century.  Clean with low hop flavor and aroma. Faint malt notes. Light bodied, high carbonation.  Light American style that often uses a combination of lager and ale yeast.

Chinook IPA

An American style IPA, a fuller, sharper, more pronounced Chinook hop aroma and flavors then its British cousin, yet balanced well with a prominent coating of malty sweetness.

Coho Hefeweizen

A classic Bavarian Hefeweizen fairly low in alcohol with an aroma and taste of banana, clove, and some say bubblegum – again, the result of the special yeast strain associated with authentic German wheat beers.

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Indian River Grapefruit IPA

New England-Style IPA with aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, a delicate graepfruir tartness and a sweet malty backbone ending in a clean finish.

Me & Julio

Mexican style Vienna lager, true to early 19th century German immigrant brewers.

Syso's Cool Breeze Lager

Reminiscent of a Hefeweizen but without the banana and cloves.  moderately hopped with a cherry aroma and finish.

Queen Of Corona

Up River Cherry Wheat

Big Bite Cider

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Malty German Marzen.

SnoCat Winter Lager

Curinga"s Maple IPA